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Beer Making Supplies

The micro brew revolution is here! You can be part of it and make your own, as good as... if not better than... what you can buy. And better yet, at half the cost! Ingredient kits available and required to make your own beer. 


The Brewing Process

Select grains are malted to create a sugar like liquid called "wort". Select hops are blended to add the beer styles characteristic bitterness. Yeast is added and the sugar is converted by the yeast to carbon dioxide and alcohal. Beer is the result!

Simple To Do

1. Select your beer from a variety of styles.
2. Prepare the beer "wort".
3. Put the "wort" in the fermenter.
4. Wait ten days and bottle.
5. Enjoy your premium micro beer for half the cost!

Does not require a lot of space or time. (just two hours of fun!)

Equipment Needed

Mechello's Brewer's Best Beer making kit includes everything you will need except bottles. You may use returnable "non-twist off" bottles or purchase new clean bottles. A stainless steel pot (not aluminum), 12 quarts or larger, must be used to boil the wort.

  • Fermenter - A 6.5 gallon food grade plastic bucket with lid. This is where the wort is turned into beer.
  • Thermometer - The yeast is added to fermenter when the wort has cooled to 75°F.
  • Airlock - An air valve put on the fermenter which lets out the carbon dioxide, but will not let the air inside.
  • Hydrometer - A device used to test the specific gravity of the wort. Tells us when the beer is ready to bottle.
  • Bottling Bucket - A 5 gallon food grade plastic bucket with a valve at the bottom. The wort is transferred from the fermenter leaving the sediment behind.
  • Syphon Hose - Beer is syphoned when moving from the fermenter to the bottling bucket to minimize contact with the air which can add off flavors to the beer.
  • Capper - A two handed device which crimps the crown caps on to the beer bottle
  • Bottle Brush - Used to keep beer bottles sparkling clean.

Choose Your Style

Mechello Brewer's Best Ingredient kits include all the ingredients necessary to prepare 5 gallons of premium micro brewed beer. Your beer to share with family and friends!

Ingredients included are: Malt extract, Hops for bittering and finishing, Hop bag, Yeast, Priming sugar and Caps.

  • American Light - pale color with a slight hop flavor.
  • Continental Pilsner - pale color with full malt flavor.
  • Brown Ale - All malt, dark brown color, full malt flavor, slightly sweet, with a hint of hop aroma and bite.
  • Steam - All malt, the San Francisco treat.
  • Weizenbier - All malt, full bodied wheat beer.
  • Classic Pale Ale - All Malt, copper color, dry bitter.
  • Brock - Dark with a full malt flavor.
  • Irish Stout - Deep dark color, well hopped with a sweet aftertaste.
  • German Altbier - Copper color, slightly fruity, bittersweet flavor.
  • Oktoberfest - Malty copper color treat.
  • Porter - All malt, very dark and bitter.


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